Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Featured Photographer: Uday Misra

Hi Guys,

Time for something a little different. As I said earlier, I would like to feature noteworthy artists of all kinds on this blog. Today I would like to focus on a young and talented photographer named Uday Misra. Uday is a college student and a business major with an interest in photography. I've taken a look at some of his photos and he has a knack for taking a standard photo-op and putting his own spin on it. In his own words, his goal is to "frame the conventional in an unconventional way". Take a look at some of his photos below.

The most important thing for any artist is honest feedback. Leave a comment and let Uday know what you think. If you are a photographer, give him some advice! Also feel free to send me photos to feature on the blog!

Don't forget to be polite when you are giving feedback!


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