Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Lost in London by Aditi Chopra

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the long delay! I just finished Lost in London, a romance written by Aditi Chopra. I must say, the title and cover of this book are quite appealing, and made me eager to start reading! Lost in London revolves around Rahul, a consultant who lives in California. In the story, Rahul meets and falls in love with Priya, a beautiful woman from London. He is hesitant to pursue a relationship with her because of his feelings for Mona, his attractive co-worker, who pursues him quite relentlessly.

I found this story to be a quick and fun read. I felt however, that it needed a little work. In terms of character development, I found Mona to be somewhat two-dimensional. She was the stereotypical sexy co-worker, and if she had more shades of grey, it would have made the central conflict more interesting. I thought Priya was better developed, and liked that she was a little feisty, helping to make the conflict more than good girl vs. bad girl. I also liked the character of Rahul, and felt that he was appropriately developed. In technical terms, I felt that the dialogue needed some work, and some of the descriptions were a little choppy. Including sentences of varying lengths would help to fix this.

The story itself was quite romantic.I felt like I was being transported to each city as Rahul and Priya visited them. There was also enough passion between the characters to keep things interesting, and prevent the story from becoming too sappy. I felt that the ending was appropriately done. I liked that Rahul and Priya faced several realistic challenges while their relationship was developing. I also liked that Rahul wasn't shown to be 100% perfect. I wish that the story had been a little longer. I would like to read more about Rahul and Priya!

All in all, this was a nice story, and with some editing, it could become even better. I look forward to reading more of this author's work. I actually have another story from this author in my queue so stay tuned to learn more!

My Rating: 3 stars