Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Review: Dead in Bed by Cameo MacPherson

Hello Everyone,

I just finished Dead in Bed by Cameo MacPherson , a novella about beauty pageants and zombies! The story revolves around Lizzy Blaine, a young woman who enters a beauty pageant in hopes of winning the crown. The pageant is cut short when the zombies get hungry, and amidst the chaos, Lizzy manages to make off with the crown. While on the run from the agitated zombie horde, she stumbles into Harry's Quality Mattress Emporium and meets Harry's son Luke, who promptly decides that he is going to marry her. Dead in Bed is a fun quick read, with many funny moments. It kept me eagerly turning the pages until I reached the end.

I thought that Lizzy, the main character was quite well developed. Despite being a pageant contestant, the story did not focus on her looks. Although Luke was the "prince charming" of the story, Lizzy turned out to be quite capable of standing on her own two feet, and was able to get herself (and Luke) out of some difficult situations. The character of Luke could have been fleshed out more, however. After deciding that he was going to marry Lizzy, he became solely focused on fighting the zombies, and consequently, we didn't learn much more about him. I also feel that if the story had been a little longer, the romance and the plot twists that occurred would have worked better. Due to the length, I felt that everything wrapped up too quickly, in "too neat of a bow".

Despite the length, I enjoyed the plot twists and the conclusion of the story. The story was well-edited, with few, if any typos. In sum, Dead in Bed is lighthearted and humorous, and definitely worth reading. I would be interested in reading more about these characters. I would love to read a sequel about Harry's adventures, or a story revolving around the zombie pageant queen, for example!

My Review: 4 stars

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