Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello Authors,

PLEASE read my guidelines before asking me for a review, particularly the types of books I will not review. I am accepting requests, and finding out later that the books do not necessarily meet my guidelines. I know that it's hard, especially for new authors and self-published authors, to promote their book, and I would love to review your books, but there is some content I don't like to read. I know that this will result in me missing out on some great books, but some things just aren't my cup of tea!

So, to sum up, I do not like:

- explicit sexual content (some sexual content is fine, I am an adult, but no 50 shades of Grey please!)
- graphic rape scenes
- graphic abuse scenes
- graphic torture scenes

You may mention it in passing, I just don't want detailed scenes of the above!


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