Monday, April 22, 2013


As I am trying to work my way through my queue, I wanted to post links to my favorite webcomics for you guys to check out! I love webcomics, the only downside is having to wait for the next page to be uploaded because they aren't updated every day. Check out my favorites below!

1. Namesake: Revolves around the concept of girls with certain names having the ability to travel between worlds. For example, Dorothys always travel to Oz to save the day and Alices always go to Wonderland. The comic revolves a girl names Emma, who discovers that she is a namesake. I LOVE the concept and the artwork. You can check it out here.

2. Widdershins: A comic revolving around a young magician, Sidney Malik, who was expelled from his wizarding university for having a bad habit of accidentally stealing things, including a bracelet belonging to the King of Thieves. Very colorful, very funny! Can be found here.

3. Plume: A supernatural Western-style comic about a girl named Vesper Grey, and her supernatural pal Corrick. She sets out to continue her father's work of recovering magical artifacts. I love the style of the comic, as well as the relationship between Vesper and Corrick. Corrick is very funny. You can read this comic here.

4. Broodhollow: About a neurotic young man named Wadsworth Zane, who comes to the town of Broodhollow when he inherits his uncle's shop. The town of Broodhollow is very unusual, with many strange supernatural occurrences, which the townspeople claim not to notice. Click here.

5. Paranatural: About a young boy (middle-school age) who moves with his father and younger sister to his father's hometown. He is dealing with his mother's death, and once he arrives in town, finds that the area is chock-full of spirits, both good and bad. Click here. 

6. Fox and Willow: About an exiled princess named Willow, and her fox-spirit companion. I guess you would call this a fractured-fairy-tale format. Click here.

Let me know if you've read any other great webcomics, particularly in the fantasy genre.

Have fun,

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